Switzerland in Horizon 2020

Switzerland is traditionally a leading country in research and innovation. In European programmes also, Swiss universities or companies can look back on a successful track record of funded projects. While Switzerland was considered an Associated Country to EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, the country's status has changed for political reasons since 2014.

Switzerland is now "partially associated" to Horizon 2020, meaning that its rights and obligations will vary across parts of H2020. Its status varies between full association, association as Third Country, or no association. 

Full association

Switzerland is fully associated to Horizon 2020 for "Excellent Science", "Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation", EURATOM, and the European Joint Undertaking for ITER. For these programmes, Swiss participants are fully eligible to obtain European funding. 

"Third Country" status

Switzerland can participate as Third Country in most of the Industrial Leadership pillar, and the Societal Challenges. Countries that are not Member States of the EU or so-called Associated Countries can still participate in Horizon 2020 projects under the "Third Country" status. Project partners from Switzerland will be supported by national funds. 

No participation

Switzerland will not participate in the "Access to Risk Finance" scheme of Horizon 2020, nor in the SME Instrument (Swiss organisations can participate as third parties/ subcontractors).

Support by EUResearch

EUResearch, the Swiss network for European RDI programmes, has compiled a FAQ and provides up-to-date information concerning Swiss participation in Horizon 2020. As National Contact Point, they advise and support national applicants.