Time-to-grant in Horizon 2020

The Horizon 2020 Rules for Participation provide a maximum delay of 8 months between the deadline for submission of proposals and the signature of grants for successful proposals. Reducing TTG from 12 to 8 months requires a set of measures for accelerating processes and procedures.

Simplified funding rules, improved IT and streamlined procedures already contribute to the necessary acceleration. 

Under FP7, project participants and the European Commission engaged in "negotiations" that aimed at improving or adapting the project proposal even after the deadline. Evaluators were encouraged to make recommendations how to improve a proposal.

However, within Horizon 2020, this will change. There will be no possibility for significant changes to the content, budget or consortium composition during the grant preparation.

Proposals must be mature and complete. They will be evaluated as they were submitted: only proposals that successfully address all required aspects will stand good chances to obtain funding. Evaluators will reflect shortcomings in lower scores for the criterion concerned.

For more information

Official EC communication on time-to-grant.

Time to Grant under H2020.pdf

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