Get ready for Horizon 2020

The European Union has been funding research and innovation projects for over thirty years. EU-funded projects have proven to offer excellent opportunities to obtain international experience and peer recognition, grow one’s professional network and conduct projects that require expertise which only an EU-wide pool of people and organisations can provide.

European research and innovation funding is allocated through Framework Programmes that cover a period of several years. The current framework programme Horizon 2020 covers the period 2014-2020.

With each financing period, the Framework Programmes have become more complete – but also more complex. Many organisations are eligible under the current framework programme Horizon 2020: universities, research centres, SMEs and large companies, but also cities, associations and individual researchers. For those with no or little previous experience, it is often a huge challenge to understand what and how to do in order to apply for funding.

A vast body of information exists but can be complex, confusing or very time-consuming to go through.This section will follow the step-by-step process from an idea to a running EU-funded project. We hope you enjoy reading it!

To start with, this short video is a nice introduction to Horizon 2020: