We hope that the overview in this section helps you submit your proposal successfully! Below is a summary of the main steps:

1. Strategy

Define to what extent participating in an EU research and innovation project can be part of your organisation’s overall strategy. Does the management endorse the approach? Does your organisation possess the capabilities to run/participate in a Horizon 2020 project or is it able to obtain them? Are you willing to provide the initial investment of time and resources to prepare the project proposal?

2. Work Programme and topics

  • For “top-down” programmes (with pre-defined themes): Download the Work Programme and browse through the calls and topics that interest you. Focus on the topic that best fits your project ambitions. Familiarise yourself with the topic’s requirements and deadlines. Subscribe to the topic’s RSS feed, if available.
  • For “bottom-up” programmes (without thematic restrictions): Download the Work Programme and familiarise yourself with requirements and deadlines. Subscribe to the topic’s RSS feed, if available.

3. Partners

If applicable, look for partners that bring in complementary expertise to your project (if you plan to be the coordinator), or offer your compentence for projects in the making (if you plan to join a project as partner).

4. Project set-up and proposal drafting

Describe your project convincingly by defining tasks, work packages, milestones and deliverables. Make sure that you answer all questions in the proposal template and that your proposal responds well to the three evaluation criteria excellence, impact, and implementation. If you use external expertise to prepare the project proposal, apply for national aid to cover costs of this phase.

5. Submission

Create an account on the Participant Portal to submit your proposal online before the deadline.