Proposal Drafting

Proposals must be complete, providing all administrative data, the proposal description and any supporting documents mentioned in the call as well as references such as past publications or a list of relevant past projects. It is important to respect the maximum number of pages, as excess pages might not be read.

  • The time and effort needed to prepare a proposal vary according to your role: each particpant has to provide budget calculations and a draft description of the work they plan to conduct under their part of the project to the coordinator. The coordinator also has to ensure the overall coherence of the project proposal. As a participant, you might be work package leader, task leader or contribute to tasks.
  • The proposal should not only reflect the technical quality of your project, but also how well partners have thought it through. Communication and trust between project partners are key factors for a successful project, and it is important to show how these aspects of the collaboration between the partners will be handled.
  • It is crucial to understand the call expectations in order to draft a winning proposal. Consultants specialising in EU R&D and innovation projects can be invaluable partners during the proposal preparation stage. You might also want to participate in a proposal-drafting training. 

Entities established in Luxembourg have the opportunity to apply for the national subsidy Fit4Horizon2020 that can cover all or part of the costs of such external help.

Horizon 2020 proposals are submitted in English only. Your final document should be proof-read and edited to correct language mistakes and check its overall coherence. Solicit your peers or your National Contact Point for this feedback.