Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme

AAL is a programme that is supported by both European and national financial sources. This joint programming is a so-called "Article 185" initiative, referring to Article 185 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). It states that:

"In implementing the multiannual framework programme, the Union may make provision, in agreement with the Member States concerned, for participation in research and development programmes undertaken by several Member States, including participation in the structures created for the execution of those programmes." 


The AAL Joint Programme is a funding activity that aims to create better condition of life for the older adults and to strengthen the industrial opportunities in Europe through the use of information and communication technology (ICT). It carries out its mandate through the funding of across-national projects (at least three countries involved) that involves small and medium enterprises (SME), research bodies and user’s organizations. 25% of financing comes from EU sources, with 25% being provided by national funding and the remaining 50% being secured by project participants. 

"Ambient Assisted Living" helps:

  • to extend the time people can live in their preferred environment by increasing their autonomy, self-confidence and mobility;
  • to enhance the security, to prevent social isolation and to support maintaining the multifunctional network around the individual;
  • to support carers, families and care organisations;

AAL projects: with end-users and market applications in mind 

Typically, an AAL project aims at launching a product or service two to three years after the end of the project (time-to-market). The project budget is between EUR 1 to 7 million, with a maximum funding from the AAL Joint Programme of EUR 3 million. The participation of business partners, such as SMEs and industry, is encouraged. Another important feature is the involvement of end-users throughout the project lifecycle. 

2017 Call "Packages/integrated solutions"

So far, nine calls have provided funding for numerous projects.The tenth, 2017 call is currently open, inviting submission of projects under the theme "Packages/integrated solutions", closing 24 May 2017.